The Greatest Rivalry in Sports

No other rivalry has the competitive history, proximity, and legacy of the Duke v. UNC men’s basketball game.  It is the best rivalry in college sports.  And it may be the best rivalry in all of American sports.  The two dominate the ACC, year in and year out as the pretenders rise temporarily then crash back down to earth.  80% of ACC Regular Season Titles since 1953 have been won by Duke or UNC.  That is downright staggering.

Other prominent rivalries may have the legacy and passion, but not the competitiveness.  Sure games may be close, but how often are both teams ranked in the Top 10?  Or a Regular Season Champion is determined in that rivalry game?  What about proximity?  Only eight miles separates Duke and UNC- fans, and students are thrown together everywhere they go in the triangle (RTP) of North Carolina.

Duke and UNC is a personal rivalry.  The two fan bases detest the other, calling them arrogant, snobbish, weak, etc., when in fact those adjectives could be used to accurately describe either school.  Honest fans will admit as much.

Tonight’s game is going to be what every Duke v. UNC game should be: passionate, spontaneous, loud, and aggressive.  Go UNC!


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