And the South Goes Insane

An ice storm fell across North Carolina this week leaving my home without power for two days.  And while I was able to commute to work, life after work revolved around which bar to spend the evening at.  Who wants to sit at home with no power and heat when one can spend the evening at a local bar enjoying delicious craft brew?

The South is many things, and ill-prepared for snow and ice is one of them.  Hurricanes?  No problem.   But, that cold wet stuff falling from the sky and turning into that stuff I’d normally put into a glass of scotch?  Oh my, it’s the end of the world! At least that’s how Southerner’s react.  Truly, people go insane- driving is a nightmare with stop lights out, Christ sakes people ever heard of a four way stop.  And don’t even think of picking up a few supplies for a two day ice storm- Betty and Jimmy down the road have already stocked up for Armageddon.

Just take one look at Atlanta- it’s an absolute nightmare that they (all of the South) was ill-prepared for.   Since when have the Southern states had not one, but two record breaking cold snaps within two weeks of each other?  I can’t remember the last time, maybe someone else can tell me.

Thankfully, the cold has departed and left us in southeast North Carolina with perfectly enjoyable and normal 58 degree, sunshine filled days.  Perfect weather for biking, kayaking, running, reading, etc… It’s a return to normal, and with it I hope everyone will calm down and remember, come July, you’ll wish it was in the 30’s again.  Just sayin’.


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